The Guide to Hawaiian Airlines Business Class

Does Hawaiian Airlines have business class? Indeed, it does. If you’re flying Hawaiian Airlines to Asia or the South Pacific, a business class ticket can get you there in a lie-flat seat that comes with excellent service and the airline’s famous aloha spirit.

Here’s what you need to know about Hawaiian Airlines business class to help you determine if it is worth the extra cost.

What is business class on Hawaiian Airlines?

International travelers can fly business class on Hawaiian Airlines. Passengers get a spacious seat — about 20 inches wide — with a full 76 inches to stretch out or lie fully flat. Plus, business class passengers get a privacy screen between seats, personal USB and AC outlets, elevated meal service and other perks.

On international flights, Hawaiian Airlines calls its most premium cabin business class. Hawaiian flies internationally to:

When you consider Hawaiian Airlines business class versus first class, it’s hard to differentiate. The business class cabin…

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