The Great British Bake Off 2022: episode five – live

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Scott Bryan

Dawn looks dejected this week. She seems to have a proper wobble (no pun on her bake intended) but gets good marks for the texture of the mousse.

I reckon she’s through to next week.

Still Dawn is making light of the situation: “The surprise is that there’s nothing there.”

Scott Bryan

Carole gets compliments for her flavours but the bake is considered a bit too tough. If Dawn receives terrible reviews then she might be through to next week, but I think this also might be her last.

Scott Bryan

Sandro’s globe bake is astonishing. The fact that it has managed to hold its shape, even though it has been made with mousse, and it does not tough either. A real feat.

Scott Bryan

Paul and Prue have failed to see the positives on Syabira’s bake, saying that it lacked flavour.

She is not having a good week, but despite the criticism, I reckon she’s safely through to next week.

Scott Bryan


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