Thailand nursery attack: Final farewell after massacre

Three-year-old Krissakorn Reungcharoen – who goes by the nickname Mick – has opened his eyes just as his hometown of Uthai Sawan prepares to say farewell to the victims of Thailand’s worst mass killing.

Doctors were concerned he would not survive. He had a severe head injury after being slashed by a large knife during an attack that killed 36 people in Nong Bua Lamphu in northern Thailand.

A former police officer Panya Kamrab rampaged through the town armed with a gun and a knife last Thursday. He stormed a childcare centre, killing 23 children, before driving through the streets to kill others.

Near his home, he rammed into Mick, his mother and his grandmother who were all on a tricycle. Then he got out of the car and stabbed them.

In videos shown by Mick’s grandfather days later, the boy is covered in bandages and hooked up to several machines in the intensive care unit in Udon Thani, a neighbouring town.

But Mick is alive. He has said his first few words since the attack. He…

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