Russia-Ukraine war live: ‘desperation’ spreading inside Russian military and society, says UK spy agency

‘Desperation’ spreading in Russian military and society, says GCHQ

Here are the quotes from head of GCHQ Jeremy Fleming’s interview with the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. PA Media quotes him saying:

We believe that Russia is running short of munitions, it’s certainly running short of friends.

We’ve seen, because of the declaration for mobilisation, that it’s running short of troops. So I think the answer to that is pretty clear. Russia and Russia’s commanders are worried about the state of their military machine.

The word I’ve used is ‘desperate’. We can see that desperation at many levels inside Russian society and inside the Russian military machine.

It certainly doesn’t imply complacency.

Russia, as we’ve seen in the dreadful attacks yesterday, still has a very capable military machine. It can launch weapons, it has deep, deep stocks and expertise. And yet, it is very broadly stretched in Ukraine.

Fleming was also asked about the prospect of Russia

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