LIVE: The latest and greatest deals from Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

The Prime Early Access Sale, Amazon’s second Prime Day of 2022, is here to jumpstart the holiday shopping season, and if you’re looking for the best deals, you’ve come to the right place. 

As with Prime Day earlier this year, the Prime Early Access Sale is a members-only event that promises “hundreds of thousands” of deals. Translation? Truly good deals are difficult to find. 

Throughout the two-day sales extravaganza running October 11 to October 12, we’ll be surfacing the very best discounts as they come, so bookmark this page and check back often. Insider Reviews’ team of expert reporters and editors have vetted each of the deals below — because a great discount doesn’t mean much if the product isn’t any good.

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Waterpik Aquarius

The Waterpik Aquarius water flosser is the easiest and most effective way to floss, removing up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas. It’s also more effective than floss…

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