LIV Golf enlists NRA-tied firm as consultants

LIV Golf confirmed its relationship with the firm in a statement to POLITICO.

“McKenna has supported the management team as we continue to reinvent the global game of golf,” it said.

It’s not the first time in recent years that McKenna & Associates has done work for a controversial, high-profile client. The firm was at the heart of accusations that the National Rifle Association engaged in insider dealing when it hired the wife of a top NRA official. The NRA’s own accountants reportedly raised concerns about the conflicts posed by that arrangement and its work in general, for which McKenna & Associates earned millions. And in 2020, New York Attorney General Tish James sued the NRA, alleging in part that top NRA officials hired McKenna’s firm without going through the NRA’s contract process and paid it $5 million over five years. That case is ongoing.

It’s unclear when the firm picked up LIV as a client. But in a statement to POLITICO, McKenna & Associates defended…

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