How to Get Empathetic Marketing Right

Empathetic marketing reached an intense crossroads in 2020, when the pandemic prompted many brands to respond to collective grief — some with success, and many coming off as utterly tone-deaf. That doesn’t mean that brands need to shy away from channeling empathy in their marketing, however; authenticity and genuine connection are more important than ever. To this end, the author recommends three strategies for brand to forge genuine customer connections: 1) Keep one ear to the ground, 2) give customers the power of choice, and 3) set the tone with visuals.

Empathy is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. But it’s not always channeled tactfully. Almost immediately after the pandemic hit, marketers rode the “unprecedented times” wave, deploying message after message in support of frontline workers and banding together. Two years in, however, this kind of mass messaging among compounding collective grief rings hollow. But that…

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This article was written by Christine Alemany and originally published on