Apple’s New iPhone Has a Totally New Product Positioning, and it Taps Into Our Single Biggest Fear

Apple'S New Iphone Has A Totally New Product Positioning, And It Taps Into Our Single Biggest Fear - Gettyimages 1421693344 516195

Gone are the days when minor camera updates, sleeker-looking user interfaces, and purple-finishes were enough to warrant a $1000 phone upgrade. Now, your new iPhone will come with a Lockdown mode (in case you need protection against cyberattacks), a satellite Emergency SOS (for when you find yourself in the woods with no signal), and even a Walking Steadiness feature – so you’ll always know when you’re at an elevated risk of falling.

Apple’s product positioning detour is an example of the company playing the marketing long-game and tapping into even deeper human needs. Apple’s new model is targeted towards a global population of people who are in desperate need of something emotionally deeper, more cognitively capturing than fun little phone features. 

Today’s user needs to be psychologically soothed.

We are collectively in a state of anxiety. Take a look around. In 2021, we’ve had 20 climate disasters recorded in the US alone. In 2020, 22. There are fires, hurricanes, floods, and…

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