Ukrainians in Kyiv sang patriotic songs in the city’s metro stations as they sheltered from Russia’s barrage of missile attacks

Ukrainians sing patriotic songs in the metro stations below Kyiv.
Ukrainians sang patriotic songs as they sheltered together while Russia attacked the country with missile strikes Monday. 
Online videos showed children singing in a bomb shelter in Kyiv, as well as others singing in metro stations in the city. 
The Russian military on Monday launched a barrage of deadly strikes on cities across Ukraine.

As Russia targeted Ukraine in a series of deadly missile strikes on Monday, defiant Ukrainian adults and children sang songs as they sheltered together from the attacks, touching videos show.

Children in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv belted out the country’s national anthem as they huddled in a bomb shelter while the city was under assault, according to a clip posted to Twitter by former Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Scherba.

—olexander scherba🇺🇦 (@olex_scherba) October 10, 2022


Other online videos showed hordes of people standing closely together singing the Ukrainian folk…

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