Ukraine war: Russian hawks celebrate deadly response to Crimea setback

The hail of indiscriminate missile fire across Ukraine this morning was Russia’s brutal payback for the attack on the Crimean bridge.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called it the response to an “act of terrorism” which he blamed on Ukraine.

But it was also Mr Putin’s response to hawks in his own camp who have been growing increasingly restless with Russian losses in the war and increasingly loud with their calls for tougher action.

Those pro-Kremlin officials and TV hosts who were depressed and dejected just days ago are now cheering this assault on their neighbour, gloating and even dancing in social media posts as Ukraine grieves for its dead and picks through the wreckage of multiple attacks.

The barrage of missiles was Gen Sergei Surovikin’s first day of work.

Now in charge of Russia’s war effort, his appointment this weekend was a sop by Mr Putin to the hardliners.

The general’s CV includes the indiscriminate Russian bombardment of Syria and the death of pro-democracy…

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