Thai nursery: CNN journalists apologise for entering site of deadly attack

Two journalists from US news outlet CNN have apologised for their coverage of last week’s attack on a childcare centre in Thailand that left 37 people, including 23 children, dead.

They entered the building where the attack occurred and filmed on site.

They were accused of trespassing and filming a crime scene without permission.

Both of them were later cleared of the charges, but fined for working as journalists while on tourist visas.

The journalists – reporter Anna Coren and cameraman Daniel Hodge – have agreed to leave the country. They have also apologised in a video that has since been widely circulated by local news outlets, and appeared to have been filmed inside a police station.

“My deepest apologies… especially the families of victims of this tragedy – we are so sorry to have caused you more pain and suffering,” said Ms Coren, who along with Mr Hodge was fined 5,000 baht ($133; £120).

“We know your country is going through a painful time and we never came here to…

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