Save Money on Amazon: A List of Amazon Discounts, Promos, & Price Hacks

Let’s start this “saving money on Amazon” guide with a few disclaimers. First, spending money you wouldn’t otherwise spend is not saving money. Second, only buy stuff from Amazon (or anywhere) that you need or were planning to buy for others. Third, if you can easily purchase the item you are looking for at a local retailer, do that. If a local hardware store has a home improvement item you need, buy it there. If a local pet supply store has a pet item you need, buy it there. If a grocery store has a food item you need – well, you get the idea.

I’m in favor of shopping local to help support small businesses, and using Amazon as a backup. That said, if there are items that I have trouble finding locally, I turn to a major retailer’s website (e.g. eBay, Walmart, or Amazon) as a backup. But, when I turn to Amazon, I never pay full price. And that doesn’t just mean that I watch for price decreases – it goes far beyond that. This article includes a few of the Amazon…

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