Russia-Ukraine war live: Kyiv hit by missiles as several Ukrainian cities come under Russian attack

Kyiv targeted by at least four missiles as other Ukrainian cities come under Russian attackPeter Beaumont

The Ukrainian capital was targeted by at least four missiles on Monday morning, the first strikes in several months, as other Ukrainian cities also came under Russian attack in the wake of Saturday’s huge explosion that hit a key Russian built bridge in the Crimea.

Guardian reporters in Kyiv heard several missiles pass over head with at least one striking, while a fourth detonation could be heard a little later.

Ukrainians had been bracing for a harsh Russian reprisal after the blast that brought down part of the Kerch bridge linking the occupied Crimean peninsula to the Russian mainland early on Saturday.

Among the targets hit overnight were the city of Zaporizhzhia which was hit for the third night in a row and the port city of Mykolaiv.

The strikes follow reports of an uptick in activity by Russian strategic bombers with some of the missiles fired from the area of the Caspian…

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