North Korea says missile tests simulated striking South with tactical nuclear weapons

North Korea’s recent flurry of missile tests demonstrated its ability to carry out strikes with tactical nuclear weapons, its leader, Kim Jong-un, has said, adding that his forces were “completely ready to hit and destroy targets at any time from any location”.

Kim, who last month said the North’s transformation into a nuclear power was “irreversible,” said the drills were “an obvious warning and clear demonstration” to the country’s enemies.

The regime’s short-range tactical nuclear missiles would be unable to reach its nemesis – the US – but could theoretically be used against the South and Japan.

In a report carried on Monday, the state news agency KCNA said that Kim had ordered the test launches in response to large-scale navy drills by South Korean and US forces.

Tokyo and Washington recently resumed the exercises, including the deployment of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan to waters off the east coast of South Korea – a move…

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This article was written by Justin McCurry in Tokyo and originally published on