Google’s finally talking about its Mandiant acquisition – here’s what they said

Google (GOOG, GOOGL) is finally sounding off on its blockbuster $5.4 billion acquisition of cybersecurity firm Mandiant, expressing the extent of the company’s ambitions in the sector.

The mega-deal was all about strengthening Google’s capabilities in detecting cyber threats – something Mandiant has become well-known for, said Google Cloud Chief Information Security Officer Phil Venables at a press conference yesterday.

“I want to emphasize that this is adding more frontline threat intelligence,” Venables said. “When you look at what we’ve got existing at Google, which includes very complementary things from VirusTotal and our other threat intelligence capabilities, bringing that together really gives us this kind of end-to-end security operations stack. Again, Google Cloud is already strong when we think about how we analyze data and put it in context, and that only gets stronger with Mandiant.”

A response to a changing environment

Venables was very clear that Google…

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