Getting Along (Live in Boston)

AMY BERNSTEIN: You’re listening to Women at Work from Harvard Business Review. I’m Amy Bernstein and I am sitting on a stage at Harvard Business School with Amy Gallo.


AMY BERNSTEIN: We’re here to celebrate her new book called Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People).

AMY GALLO: I so appreciate you leading this celebration, Amy B.

AMY BERNSTEIN: I am so happy to be doing this today with you. We’re going to have an audience who should start arriving in a few minutes.

AMY GALLO: And we’re going to go walk around and chat with some of them and then we’ll start the show.

AMY BERNSTEIN: Amy, are you ready to tell us about different types of difficult people?

AMY GALLO: Sure am.

AMY BERNSTEIN: And why they act the way they do?


AMY BERNSTEIN: And how we can nudge them into being more civil and collaborative?

AMY GALLO: Totally.

AMY BERNSTEIN: And give on the spot advice to audience members?


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