Every Business Idea Is Legitimate, Until This Happens

Every Business Idea Is Legitimate, Until This Happens - Gettyimages 1404478372 516307

In 20+ years of founding, running, and advising startups, I’ve seen some pretty insane ideas become legitimate and successful companies. I’ve even helped a few of them get off the ground and over the finish line. I’ve made “crazy” a part of my sweat portfolio, and every so often I’ll take a risk on an insane idea that would make my colleagues laugh at me for getting involved. 

Let them laugh. I taught computers how to write sports stories once. That idea made a lot of money for a lot of people.

Here’s where things get tricky though. 

When a Legitimate Startup Idea Goes Bad

Over and over again, I’ll see a first time entrepreneur with an elegant but slightly insane idea fall into the trap of trying to get their business off the ground based on what they read and hear about how startups are supposed to be run. 

When you’ve never started a company before, it feels bigger than it is. The general vibe around starting a business usually falls into two camps – either the…

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This article was written by Joe Procopio and originally published on www.inc.com