Daymond John’s Black Entrepreneurs Day at the Apollo Theater to Offer $150,000 in Grants

Daymond John'S Black Entrepreneurs Day At The Apollo Theater To Offer $150,000 In Grants - Daymond 516091

Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Investor Daymond John developed Black Entrepreneur Day in 2020 to help the community in the wake of the turmoil caused by that year’s police brutality. Presented by Chase, it is now a global streaming show and event to help “build businesses instead of burning them,” he says. John’s goal is not only to inspire and educate entrepreneurs but also to create tangible opportunities and actual financial support for Black entrepreneurs around the U.S.

When asked why Black entrepreneurs need this specific day, John cites an example from his own entrepreneurial journey: “I didn’t go into the banks when I was a kid because I just thought the banks were evil and they worked all for the government. I didn’t know that cash is trash. I didn’t know what good debt was against bad debt. I would have gone to more things like this for a better understanding of financial literacy.”

Following the success of last year’s event, which had nearly 7 million viewers and gave away…

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