4 Simple Rules to Take Control of Your Communication

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After a controversial tax policy that created ten days of market carnage, the newly-appointed British Prime Minister claimed, “It was a decision the Chancellor made.”

These seven words showed the world in technicolor how not to communicate in a leadership crisis.

Admitting mistakes isn’t easy for anyone, whether you’re an executive, business owner or hold a high-profile position where 67 million citizens are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis. But few communications experts ever advocate throwing a colleague under a bus.

The context is essential to consider. Relatively-unknown British MP Liz Truss succeeded Boris Johnson after his fall from power. Two days later, Thrust into the global spotlight, an audience of billions watched Truss hob-nob with world leaders and make a speech at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Promptly after that, a landmark budget was rolled out, giving tax cuts to the rich. 

This policy signaled an error of massive proportions. It sunk sterling, cratered the…

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This article was written by Nuala Walsh and originally published on www.inc.com