The 5 Rules of Stoicism to Make You a Better Leader and a Better Human

The 5 Rules Of Stoicism To Make You A Better Leader And A Better Human - Gettyimages 1129377215 469986

Did you know … there are as many self-help bloggers as there are stars in the universe? 

Cheeky riddles aside, we can all agree there is no shortage of books, blogs, infographics, and online courses where the sole purpose is to enlighten us to be more (fill in the blank – happier, more productive, wealthier, less anxious, friendlier, more confident). Name the ailment, there’s a cure for it.

In the sea of self-help, the depths of quality range tremendously. No doubt there’s some good, deep advice out there, based on empirical observation and reasonable philosophical questioning. There’s also a lot of superficial rubbish. Snake oil salesmen dressing up their pet theories in quasi-religious story-telling and astrological signs.

Want in on a little secret?

Curiously, you’d think that with the progress of modern psychology and clinical psychiatry that there would have been more of a selective pressure to do away with all that garbage self-help. Not so. “The Secret”, as just…

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