Month before midterms, abortion in focus as GOP backs Herschel Walker

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Bombshell allegations about Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia, have drawn renewed attention to the debate over abortion, which Democrats are hoping will boost turnout among their supporters, though polling suggests it may be lower than it was two years ago.

Walker, who has campaigned against abortion rights, has denied reports that he paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion and later offered to pay for her to have a second one.

The mother of one of Walker’s children has said he ended a relationship with her in 2011 after she refused to have an abortion as she had done two years earlier, according to an account in the New York Times on Friday. The Times report said she was the same woman who previously told the Daily Beast that Walker paid for the abortion for her first pregnancy with Walker.

The woman, speaking on the condition of anonymity to protect her privacy and that of her child, told The Washington Post in a brief interview Saturday that those…

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