Arizona GOP raised record money with misleading pitches on election audit

Arizona Gop Raised Record Money With Misleading Pitches On Election Audit - 2Dhfs3Sefei63Pqxrhf6Nogauu

Arizona’s Republican Party raised record sums in 2021 with repeated appeals to supporters for money to help audit the 2020 presidential election. “Pitch in to Help Us Finish America’s Audit!” and “Help America’s Audit” were among the dozens of pitches from the party.

But Kelli Ward, the state party chairwoman, was sending a very different message to top Republicans in Washington at the time.

“We have not been raising money to pay for the audit,” Ward wrote in one June 25, 2021, text message, according to a person with knowledge of the message, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal details. “We were expressly told that we could/should not raise money for the audit and auditors before the audit began.”

Instead, Ward wrote in the text, the party was going to “keep the pressure” on for an audit and “communicate” about an audit.

The text message suggests that Arizona GOP leaders had no intention of using donations to help pay for the audit…

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