Want to Be Remarkably Successful? Focus on Creating Your Own Million Dollar Venn Diagram of Success

Want To Be Remarkably Successful? Focus On Creating Your Own Million Dollar Venn Diagram Of Success - Gettyimages 665222464 514935

I’m acquainted with a lawyer who is arguably the country’s leading authority on estate planning. Legal theory, scholarship, practice… she’s who the experts call for advice. She’s also extremely fit, often finishing triathlons near the top of her age group. And for good measure, she’s a gifted pianist.

Yet she’s often frustrated; while she’s one of the top handful of people in her area of legal expertise, the time and effort spent acquiring those skills has failed to pay off in what she considers to be a commensurate financial return.

Because the circles in her Venn diagram of success, as described here by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah, don’t intersect.

Now consider Troy Aikman, the Hall of Fame quarterback who won three Super Bowls. In the universe of all people with some degree of football knowledge, Aikman is in the top .001 (or however many zeros you want to add) percent.

He then worked to add another circle. After significant time and effort,…

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This article was written by Jeff Haden and originally published on www.inc.com