See the most remote post office in the world, where 4 women will deliver mail and count penguins in Antarctica after beating out 6,000 applicants for the job

Four women have just been hired to run the world’s most remote post office, located in Antarctica.
They’ll brave subzero temps and go without running water while counting gentoo penguins for five months.
Take a look at Port Lockroy on Goudier Island, aptly nicknamed the “Penguin Post Office.”
Talk about “remote work.”Four women have just been hired to work at the most remote post office in the world.It’s called Port Lockroy, and it’s located on Goudier Island in Antarctica.The historic site was used by whaling fleets in the early 20th century and was “the first continuously occupied British base to establish year round British presence in Antarctica,” according to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, which advertised the jobs.

Source: UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

There are three buildings at Port Lockroy.The first, called Bransfield House, includes a museum, shop, and the post office. The second is a boat shed and store dating back to 1957. The final building is a modern reproduction of…

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