Officials in the Philippines are calling for an inquiry into a ‘strange’ lottery jackpot that saw 433 winners splitting the $4 million pot

Laura Spears narrowly missed being notified of her $3 million lottery win.
In the Philippines, 433 people won a $4 million lottery jackpot.
Officials are calling for a probe into the draw, as all the winning numbers are multiples of nine.
Lottery officials told Bloomberg nothing about the results is irregular.

Government officials in the Philippines are calling for a probe into a Grand Lotto outcome that saw hundreds of people win a jackpot worth 236 million peso, or around $4 million.

Participants in the Grand Lotto select six numbers ranging from one to 55, and all six numbers have to match those drawn by the lottery operator, the BBC reported.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the lottery organizers, announced that 433 people had won the lottery held on October 1. Each of the winners is set to win nearly $10,000. 

That’s the highest number of people to have ever won the Philippines’ Grand Lotto top prize, the BBC reported, citing local media.


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