3-Year-Old Canned Water Brand Liquid Death Is Both Brilliant and Completely Precarious. Here’s Why

3-Year-Old Canned Water Brand Liquid Death Is Both Brilliant And Completely Precarious. Here'S Why - Mike Cessario 2022 0Z2A0514 R 513463

“IT NEEDS to be not porn music.” Mike Cessario, co- founder and CEO of Liquid Death, shakes his head as a boom-chicka-wah-wah clip plays from a laptop’s speakers, takes a seat at a long table, and explains that his canned water brand’s new commercial spot needs a wholesome soundtrack to pair with its spokes­person, a XXX-rated celebrity.

Andy Pearson, Liquid Death’s vice president for creative, nods in agreement and hits play: “Hi, I’m Cherie DeVille, adult film star,” the actress says to the camera. “And when I want to murder my thirst, I reach for a can of Liquid Death Mountain Water. Because even though I’m into getting my [bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep], one thing I’m not into is single-use plastics.” Moments later, the spot ends with DeVille censored again: “So join me and Liquid Death, and our mission to bring death to plastic. Come on, don’t [bleep] the planet.”

“It’s a good start,” Cessario says of the rough cut. “I think it’s super close.”

Cessario, a 40-year-old…

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This article was written by Alex Bhattacharji and originally published on www.inc.com