Liz Truss: The prime minister’s claims about the economy fact-checked

Prime Minister Liz Truss has defended her government’s mini-budget, despite the days of market turmoil that followed it which saw a rise in the cost of government borrowing that has had an impact on mortgages and other parts of the economy.

She told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg programme that she stood by it but said the government should have “laid the ground better” before announcing the measures, which included tax cuts paid for by billions of pounds of borrowing.

Here are some of the claims Ms Truss made in the interview.

The prime minister said this after being asked whether she felt any responsibility for people’s worries about their mortgages, rents and loans.

She’s right that interest rates are rising around the world as central banks, like the Bank of England, raise them to fight the inflation that has been made worse by the war in Ukraine.

But the cost of UK government borrowing surged to over 4% after the government’s mini-budget on 23 September.

As BBC Economics Editor…

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