What Is a Redress Number for Travel?

Whenever you travel by air within, to or from the U.S., you’re electronically screened using the Transportation Security Administration Secure Flight screening program. While this system is transparent for most passengers, it occasionally misidentifies passengers as high risk.

If you’ve frequently been stopped for additional security during travel or have been denied travel for security reasons, you may consider applying for a redress number to avoid this in the future.

A redress number is given to individuals who were falsely identified as posing threats to transportation security or public safety when flying. It aims to streamline TSA checkpoints for these travelers.

Here’s how redress numbers work and if applying for one is a smart move for you.

What is a redress number for flying?

A redress number, or more formally a Redress Control Number, is an identifier that allows TSA to match you with the results of your redress case. A redress number is used by the TSA’s Secure Flight…

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This article was written by Aaron Hurd and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com