Queen’s cause of death given as ‘old age’ on death certificate

Queen Elizabeth II died of “old age”, according to her death certificate, which has been released by the National Records of Scotland.

The certificate records the Queen died at 15:10 on 8 September in Balmoral Castle, at the age of 96.

Princess Anne is recorded as the person providing the information about the Queen’s death.

For “occupation” of the deceased, the official form says: “Her Majesty the Queen.”

The doctor who certified the death at Balmoral in Aberdeenshire was Douglas Glass, who Buckingham Palace says was an “apothecary to the Queen”.

When she was alive there was a curtain of privacy around the Queen’s health, and in her death there remains some restraint.

Her cause of death is recorded as “old age”, without any further details.

The advice from coroners is that “old age” can be given as the sole cause of death in some “very limited circumstances”, where the certifying doctor has personally cared for someone over a long period; where a “gradual decline” has been observed…

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