Uber Was Hacked Using a Simple Technique That Might Work on Your Company Too

Uber Was Hacked Using A Simple Technique That Might Work On Your Company Too - Gettyimages 1291946526 514603

An unidentified hacker appears to have breached Uber’s security systems and gained access to vast amounts of data using a simple technique that amounts to badgering employees until they grant access using their mobile phones. It’s a tactic that is likely to work on most companies–maybe even yours.

“Hi @here I announce I am a hacker and [your company] has suffered a data breach.” What would you do if every one of your employees received that message via Slack or another companywide messaging system? Uber employees received that very message, according to press reports, and the hacker also reportedly  posted an explicit photo to an internal page for employees.

The company confirmed that it was dealing with a cyberattack. Uber assured the public that it had “not seen” that customers’ personal data or trip history had been compromised. But given the screenshots the hacker shared, though, he had gained high-level access to Uber’s systems, so it may be that he simply chose to not to…

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This article was written by Minda Zetlin and originally published on www.inc.com