With 1 Sentence, Mark Cuban Just Provided the Perfect Definition of Capitalism

With 1 Sentence, Mark Cuban Just Provided The Perfect Definition Of Capitalism - Mark Cuban 514371

Every time I write about conversations with entrepreneurs, more than one person will email to ask some version of, “Why do you glorify greedy capitalists?”

I’m used to it, but it still bugs me. For one thing, while complimentary — I don’t write about people, or products or services, I don’t like — the primary focus is on what other entrepreneurs can learn from that success. Tips. Strategies. Perspectives. Cautionary tales. 

But what bothers me more is the assumption that achieving massive financial success at any cost — in short, “capitalism” — is the only reason people start and build businesses.

I’ve never been able to think of a decent response.

Until Mark Cuban did it for me on Adam Grant’s podcast, Re:Thinking

People don’t fully understand the definition of capitalism.

Capitalism isn’t just about trying to make as much money as you can. Capitalism is the opportunity to get the outcomes that you want, that give you personal reward. It could be making as much money…

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This article was written by Jeff Haden and originally published on www.inc.com