How Black Women Can Navigate Pay-Gap Gaslighting

Here’s the uncomfortable truth Black women reading this already know: Being offered less than we deserve started way before any of us first earned a paycheck. Consider one of my earliest memories. While enjoying an idyllic afternoon on the playground at recess, my best friend looked at me lovingly and said, “Lola, I don’t like Black people, but I like you.” I said “Thank you,” and a pattern of accepting what was offered began. I was five. 

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day symbolizes “how far into the year [Black] women must work to be paid what white men were paid the previous year,” per The American Association of University Women (AAUW). As the average Black woman makes 58 cents for every dollar earned by the average white male per the latest U.S. Census data, this year’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is September 21st — almost a full two months later than it was just last year thanks to an ever-widening wage gap.

While the systems governing…

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This article was written by Lola Bakare and originally published on