GOP attorneys general back Trump in court fight over Mar-a-Lago documents

Gop Attorneys General Back Trump In Court Fight Over Mar-A-Lago Documents - Oabzxorzdui63Ofpbicolxb5Wy

Texas’s Ken Paxton and 10 other GOP state attorneys general came to the defense of former president Donald Trump on Tuesday in his legal fight over documents the FBI seized last month, filing an amicus brief in a federal appellate court that argued the Biden administration could not be trusted.

In a 21-page document that repeated numerous right-wing talking points but that experts said broke little new legal ground, the officials accused the Biden administration of “ransacking” Mar-a-Lago, the Florida home of the former president, during an Aug. 8 court-authorized FBI raid and of politicizing the Justice Department.

The search, which stemmed from an investigation into whether Trump and his associates improperly took and held on to secret government papers, resulted in the discovery of numerous sensitive documents. Trump’s attorneys then asked for a special master to examine all of the approximately 11,000 seized documents and exclude those that may be covered by…

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