Booking a Hotel Room With a Kitchen May Not Save Money After All

If you’re looking to cut costs on vacation, opting to cook in your hotel room versus going out to eat might seem like a logical move. But to cook inside a hotel room, you’re going to need a kitchen. And as it turns out, hotel rooms with kitchens usually cost more than similar hotels without them.

A NerdWallet analysis of nearly 100 hotel rooms around the U.S. found that hotel rooms with full kitchens are 19% more expensive on average (that’s about $28 more per night) than rooms from the same hotel company in the same area that are of equivalent quality without kitchens.

NerdWallet defined hotels with kitchens as those having at least a stovetop, microwave and refrigerator, plus cooking tools either in the room or available at no additional cost upon request. Hotels that only had, say, a kitchenette (like a microwave, sink and small fridge) were not considered as having kitchens. The analysis looked at hotels from the 10 largest U.S. cities by population on the same check-in day….

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