UNGA is dead. It’s the sideshows that really matter.

Unga Is Dead. It’s The Sideshows That Really Matter. - 220919 Unga Ap

New York City in the second half of September is now a two-week festival attracting all those who deal with global challenges.

Often it’s about seeing and being seen.

Celebrities here can take an easy stand, without crossing domestic partisan political lines. Everyone from Korean megastars BTS to American actors like Matt Damon and Goldie Hawn use UNGA as a platform for their causes.

What was once a chance for national leaders to deliver speeches on a global stage or grab the U.S. president’s ear in a corridor is now a late-summer version of Davos, but bigger.

“When I first came to UNGA in the 1990s it was very sterile. One prepared speech after another. Today it’s the opposite of sterile, it’s where global ideas get tested,” said Werner Hoyer, president of the European Investment Bank.

Accessing UNGA doesn’t cost $50,000 a person — as the World Economic Forum does — and New York shopping is better for dictators’ wives. It’s no wonder UNGA has become WEF on…

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This article was written by By Ryan Heath and originally published on www.politico.com