6 Months of Part-Time Work: How I Saved $60,000 on Taxes

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By Dr. Leif Dahleen of Physician on Fire, WCI Network Partner

In 2017, I executed a bold move based on a decision I couldn’t have imagined I’d be making in my early 40s. I made an intentional choice to slash my income by 40% while showing up for work quite a bit less.

I had been contemplating such a move for over a year. Time and time again, I have sung the praises of financial independence (FI) and all the wonderful things you can do with FI to give yourself a better life. Why was I burning the candle at both ends, working full-time while spending much of my free time spreading the word…

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This article was written by Josh Katzowitz and originally published on www.whitecoatinvestor.com