Warren Buffett Says Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 4 Simple Words

Warren Buffett Says Your Overall Happiness In Life Really Comes Down To 4 Simple Words - Gettyimages 632123350 494671

Warren Buffett gave one of his best lectures to students at the University of Florida’s school of business over two decades ago. As it were, one of the MBA students popped Buffett a question, asking the billionaire what he would do to live a happier life if he could start all over again.

Buffett’s response? He’s held an enduring level of happiness for decades, but he was quick to turn the focus back on the students by urging them to make better choices around career goals, finances, health, and relationships.

“The way to do it is to play out the game and do something you enjoy all your life,” he said. “Be associated with people you like. I only work with people I like. If I could make $100 million with a guy who causes my stomach to churn, I’d say no.”

Buffett’s happiness lesson in four words

The biggest lesson on happiness from Buffett’s speech stands the test of time and is especially apropos in the age of quiet-quitting: Do what you love.

I get to work in a job that I love,…

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This article was written by Marcel Schwantes and originally published on www.inc.com