Judge proposed by Trump named special master in records case

A federal judge has named Raymond Dearie, a senior US district judge with experience handling US national security matters, as an independent arbiter to vet records seized by the FBI from Donald Trump’s Florida estate in an ongoing criminal investigation.

Florida-based US district judge Aileen Cannon on Thursday appointed Dearie to serve as a special master in the legal fight between Trump and the Department of Justice over government documents the former president kept at his Florida resort.

Dearie was one of two candidates for the post proposed by the former president, and the US justice department had said it would not oppose his appointment.

In her order, Cannon also rejected the justice department’s demand that prosecutors would be allowed to continue their review of the seized records while the dispute is ongoing, and their assertion that the investigation is urgent due to the highly classified and sensitive material in the records.

“The court does not find it appropriate…

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This article was written by Maanvi Singh and agencies and originally published on www.theguardian.com