Clear vs. Global Entry: Which Is Right for You?

For any traveler, there is always one part of the trip that can bring anxiety — security checks. Regrettably, security checks can be a nuisance, whether getting by the Transportation Security Administration to catch your departing flight or arriving home from an international trip and dealing with customs.

But there are ways to ease the aggravation. Programs like Clear and Global Entry can alleviate worry and help expedite the process. They offer different routes to faster checkpoints at airports, but in different ways.

Are you trying to decide between Clear and Global Entry? Here’s a guide to help you choose which program is right for you.

What’s the difference between Clear and Global Entry?

Clear and Global Entry differ in a few critical ways:

Clear allows you to hurry through security lines faster at 40-plus airports around the United States. It lets you quickly access identification documents and verify your identity by scanning your fingerprints or eyes. This process allows you…

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