Biden’s stimulus may have helped pay for Ron DeSantis’ political stunt flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a press conference in Rockledge, Florida.
Biden’s stimulus may have helped pay for DeSantis’ political stunt to fly migrants to Massachusetts.
DeSantis stepped up his campaign to troll liberals ahead of a possible 2024 presidential run.
The stunt sparked outrage among immigration advocates and Democrats.

President Joe Biden’s stimulus was so large that it may have had an unintended consequence: helping Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis finance a political stunt to fly migrants to a wealthy, liberal-leaning slice of Massachusetts.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Florida may have used the interest accrued on the $8.8 billion it received from the federal government under the stimulus to pay for a pair of flights that dropped off around 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

The group of migrants were relocated from Texas and reportedly told they were headed to Boston to find work and housing. But they arrived in Martha’s Vineyard,…

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