Best-Performing Technology Stocks for September 2022

In the early days of the pandemic, technology stocks were the talk of the town. Companies that provided quick, innovative solutions to a changing world’s problems were handsomely rewarded by the stock market.

In 2022, that enthusiasm has dampened, with worries of a looming recession hitting tech companies especially hard.

On Sept. 13, the Nasdaq-100 index — a benchmark of tech stocks — fell by more than 5.5% after the Bureau of Labor Statistics published higher-than-expected inflation figures. That news stoked fears of sharp interest rate increases and thus lower profits for debt-heavy tech companies.

Yet, many investors remain interested in tech stocks — and for good reason. Technology will play a major role in the future, helping to resolve questions about sustainable energy, automation, health care and housing.

Here’s an overview of what tech stocks are, a list of the best-performing tech stocks and your options for buying them.

What is a technology stock?

Technology stocks…

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