Ukraine round-up: Inside freed city and Russia’s prison recruits

Ukrainians have been celebrating their recapture of the north-eastern city of Izyum, one of the highlights of their counter-offensive that has marked a new phase in the war.

But on Thursday, evidence began to emerge of the damage inflicted by Russian troops during their five-month occupation.

The BBC’s Orla Guerin, reporting from the scene, saw Ukrainian troops grouped by the roadside near the city, inspecting the spoils of war with broad smiles.

She described passing abandoned Russian tanks along the way, with many shelled and blackened buildings.

“The city is without running water, electricity or heat,” she says.

“The dead are still being counted here, but local officials saw 47 people – children among them – killed in an air strike on a five-story block of flats back in March.”

Read Orla’s full report here.

The speed of the Ukrainian counter-offensive has exposed once again how thinly spread Russia’s occupying forces are.

In the Kremlin’s military adventures, both in Ukraine…

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