The 2 Essential Ingredients for Radical Innovation, According to Richard Branson 

The 2 Essential Ingredients For Radical Innovation, According To Richard Branson  - Gettyimages 477100363 513271

Hiring is never easy, but hiring for some roles is more straightforward than others. You can test for hard skills, ask references about character, and observe behavior or dig into past achievements to assess leadership. But what if your company is aiming higher? What if you want to change the world (and not just a little)? 

In that case you have to hire dreamers who can not only imagine transformational change but also execute it. How do you find those folks? That is never going to be a cakewalk, but according to Virgin founder Richard Branson there are two qualities you definitely want to look for. 

On his blog recently Sir Richard reflected on a talk at a Virgin Unite gathering by Astro Teller, boss of X, Google parent company Alphabet’s “moonshot factory,” which is charged with coming up with innovations to create 10X improvements in the world. To be up to that kind of “radical innovation,” X employees obviously need to be incredibly smart, but Teller stressed two other…

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