Starbucks Just Made a Huge Announcement That Will Completely Change the Way It Does Business. You’ll Either Love It or Hate It

Starbucks Just Made A Huge Announcement That Will Completely Change The Way It Does Business. You’ll Either Love It Or Hate It - Getty 947784930 513803

Starbucks may have just sold out.

This week, the coffee giant unveiled a new “Reinvention plan” to more than 150 of its investors. The plan includes aggressive growth targets, with stated intent to open thousands of new stores across the U.S. and China over the next eight years.

But the more interesting part of Starbucks plan is focused on the near future: a 450 million dollar investment in North American stores, which includes new, proprietary equipment the company has developed to assist baristas to make the increasingly complex and customized orders they receive.

A new brewing method that uses vacuum-press technology to brew freshly ground and brewed coffee in 30 seconds A redesigned cold beverage station that allows baristas to cut down the time it takes to make frozen drinks by more than half A new way of producing Cold Brew coffee, which Starbucks claims reduces the process from more than twenty steps to four, and reduces time to produce from more than twenty hours to only a…

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