Photos show ‘vampire’ burials in Europe and what they mean, according to experts

Examples of “vampire” burials found by archeologists.
Scientists have uncovered the remains of a “vampire” burial in Poland last month. 
This is the latest in a string of “vampire” burial sites in Europe. 
Here is what those sites looked like and what they mean, according to scientists. 

A series of archeological digs have uncovered the remains of people who may have been thought of as “vampires” during their lifetime. 

These pictures show the burials, and archeologists and forensic experts told Insider what they might mean.

Something in the mouth.The skull of a 16th-century woman was found with a brick placed in her mouth in Venice, Italy.

One way to spot a vampire burial is to look for something obstructing the mouth of the deceased, like a brick, said Matteo Borrini, principal lecturer of forensic anthropology at the Liverpool John Moore University, told Insider. 

Borrini discovered the body of this 16th-century woman in Venice. He found a brick had been shoved in her mouth, a…

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