People in tears at sight of Queen’s coffin

Some of the first mourners to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state in Westminster Hall have come away in tears, describing the sight of the cloaked coffin as overwhelming.

Roy Lee, who queued for 11 hours with his wife and teenage daughter, said the dignity and solemnity of it made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck.

He was one of thousands queuing to pay their respects to the late monarch.

The Queen’s coffin will remain in the hall until 06:30 BST on Monday.

Mr Lee’s wife, Teresa, came out of the hall bursting with pride.

“Entering the hall was overwhelming,” she told the BBC.

“But being in there gave me such a feeling of pride. That she was the Queen of our country and she served us so amazingly. I felt proud to be British.”

Asked what was going through his mind as he stood beside the coffin, Mr Lee said he was “saying a little thank you”.

“I’m not sure if that was the right thing but we did it in gratitude,” he said. Mrs Lee wished the Queen would rest in peace and…

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