I’ve watched too many adults in my life fail to retire, so I’m taking 5 steps to make sure I become a millionaire and reach that goal

The author, Jen Glantz.
I finally got serious about retirement planning in my 30s and opened up a SEP IRA.
But I realized I needed a better plan to reach my goal of retiring early as a millionaire.
Now, I’m keeping strict track of my budget, diversifying my investments, and building new income streams.

For most of my 20s, I rolled my eyes at the thought of saving money for retirement. I was mismanaging my finances, spending more money than I was making, so the thought of putting away cash for the distant future was something I was completely unwilling to do.

When I turned 30, I realized that I didn’t want to struggle financially anymore. But to change that, I’d have to make some significant adjustments. 

I started an emergency fund, stuck to a strict budget, began investing, and, for the first time in my life, took saving for retirement seriously by opening a SEP IRA.

But as I saw more and more adults in my life not be able to retire at age 65, I knew that I didn’t want to follow in…

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This article was written by [email protected] (Jen Glantz) and originally published on www.businessinsider.com