How Pair Eyewear Leveraged Licensing to Bring a Fresh Look to an Old Market

How Pair Eyewear Leveraged Licensing To Bring A Fresh Look To An Old Market - Pair Eyewear 1 512403

Nathan Kondamuri has been wearing glasses nearly his whole life, an experience he used to find rather unenjoyable: “When you are a child, it’s daunting and stigmatizing. And the experience is very static.” 

When he met Sophia Edelstein at Stanford in 2014, the two got to commiserating over the spectacle of spectacles–and began to wonder why glasses lacked the options and personalization inherent to other accessories like shoes, clothes, and jewelry. That’s where they saw an opportunity to bring a new approach to a stuffy industry. They figured that typical buyers purchase glasses only every two or three years. So why not create a new model where consumers would be incentivized to purchase with the same frequency and in the same quantity as clothing or shoes? To do that–while still students at Stanford–Edelstein and Kondamuri launched Pair Eyewear in 2017. 

Since they lacked engineering and design chops, the co-founders knew they’d need to bring industry experts…

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