Why Agility Is Critical to Business Growth – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GOOGLE

By Marie Gulin-Merle

For today’s businesses, getting ahead isn’t just about planning ahead. It takes both planning and pivoting to drive short-term results and long-term business growth. The pressures and uncertainties of the global economy make it increasingly important for marketers to balance their early planning with the need to stay agile.

To get the most return on investment (ROI), marketing and finance teams need to partner closely to build flexibility into how they manage their resources and budgets. This will enable them to shift investments wherever the biggest opportunities present themselves.

Leading marketers are budget-agile

To explore agility in digital marketing specifically, Google recently partnered with Kantar to survey more than 2,400 global marketers and understand their approaches to planning, allocating, and optimizing digital budgets. Nearly a quarter of the marketers surveyed are considered…

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