What Benefits Are Covered by Medicare?

Medicare is a government program that offers health insurance coverage for people 65 and older and others with certain disabilities. The available benefits will depend on the type of Medicare plan you choose.

It’s important to understand your Medicare benefit options, so you can select the plan or plans that best suit your needs.

Medicare Part A is the hospital insurance portion of Original Medicare, but its benefits extend beyond what you might expect for this type of coverage. Medicare Part A benefits include:

Hospital stays: Hospital stays at acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, inpatient rehab facilities, inpatient psychiatric facilities and long-term care hospitals are covered under Medicare Part A.

Skilled nursing facility care: Medicare Part A covers limited stays in Medicare-approved skilled nursing facilities if you’ve had a hospitalization that qualifies — and if you still have available days left in your benefit period. Some covered services may include a…

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This article was written by Roberta Pescow and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com